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"Sight reading is the ultimate gaming platform." - R.D.

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Highly Recommended Math Books

Math Game:
Play this math game in your free time - just for fun (and no stress when you get a wrong answer) and you will get better at math.

"This game is way better than flashcards." - Dylan

In case you didn't already know, the animals are rooting for you to learn and are very happy to be there helping you - I personally believe they have nothing else better to do and should mind their own business (but they're cute innocent animals and we love them anyway despite how nosy they are). If you get tired of the animals' constant hectoring, turn the Sounds OFF and they will go eat some food (they're always happy to eat).

"I was learning without realizing it because the game is so fun. It starts off easy and gradually gets more challenging. It's just right." - Daniel

"Not memorizing tables is a despicable fad. I knew my multiplication tables but suffered later in high school because my addition tables weren't memorized. Everyone assumed (including me) that my problem couldn't possibly be with addition/subtraction but it was - and by the time I discovered it, it was far too late to help me academically. It doesn't take long to memorize them all. Make your kids play this game until they get a 90% to 100% accuracy score and do it again every year, just like a health checkup." - Jordan

Gamify Math:
Have fun while learning math, is it really that easy? Yes! The best way to get good at math has always been to drill with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication tables and Division table flashcards and this game is no different except it keeps track of your accuracy as you improve and it's also more fun! The more you play, the more your math skills will increase and improve until eventually, your math tables will become memorized. After your math facts are memorized, keep playing and you will not only get better at math - you will get faster at math - guaranteed! Have you ever seen someone do math in their head with ease? You will become one of those people - and it will happen a lot faster than you think! You will get so good at math, you'll wonder why no one else is as good as you - and that's the truth. Gamify math. Gamify everything but for now, let's just gamify math and you'll see what I mean. The beginner math student will become a great mathematician and the barn animal tutors will be so proud of you - you'll see!

"I was having problems in school because I didn't have my multiplication tables memorized but this game fixed all that." - Barrett

Just. Have. Fun. Math is a fun game. It really is. And it also happens to be very useful. Play this fun math game and see for yourself!


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