Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti

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Treble Clef Grand Staff Bass Clef

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"Sight reading is the ultimate gaming platform!" -

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Music Note Identification Game:
Play this fun Note Identification Game in your free time - no pressure - just for fun (and no stress when you get a note wrong) and you will notice something very interesting as you fall asleep tonight.

"This game helped me learn Bass clef which was harder for me but now it's easy." - Liam

Just like the "feeling of roller-skating" remains long after you remove your skates, you will SEE the notes on the staff when you go to sleep tonight after playing this game - try it! The imaginary notes will be faint and constantly changing but you will see them. At first, you wont be able to identify any of the imaginary notes because you'll see 6 or 7 lines on the clef - but wait! If you keep playing this game, in about a week you'll start to notice something incredible happen: when you close your eyes at night, you will see 5 LINES instead of the incorrect 6 or 7 lines and you might even be able to identify a few notes as you drift off to sleep. This is the incredible power of the brain rewiring itself! For the love of Benjamin Godard, do it!

"Now I know where all the notes are and it didn't take that long!" - Chase

It's never too late to learn how to sight read music - you can even be in your 70s and it's still not too late. You have to really want to do it - and you do, you're here, aren't you? You can practice the Bass or Treble Clef in isolation or you can choose to learn the Grand Staff all at once. You can also chose Solfege (Do, Re, Me . . .) instead of Western (A, B, C . . .) and the Advanced Mode includes notes above and below the clefs.

"Now I can sight read better than anyone in my class." - Emily

In case you didn't already know, the animals are rooting for you to learn and are very happy to be there helping you - I personally believe they have nothing else better to do and should mind their own business (but they're cute innocent animals and we love them anyway despite how nosy they are). If you get tired of the animals' constant hectoring, turn the Sounds OFF and they will go eat some food (they're always happy to eat).

"My kids love playing it and for the first time in my life, I'm finally starting to sight read. Your game is fantastic! Bravo, Barn Tutors!" - Kelly

Gamify Music:
Games are fun - if only music were this easy, right?!? It is! Music is no different than a fun video game except we don't feel guilty when Mario gets bit by the turtle, yet we feel so guilty when we hit a wrong note - why is that? It's because of the incredible power of music. Music goes straight into our brain and effects our emotions to such a degree we can't bear the responsibility of making a wrong sound - but you have to get over that - the trick is to not feel guilty when you hit a wrong note. When you hit a wrong note, don't feel bad, instead laugh and react just as you would while playing your favorite video game. When you truly and genuinely laugh at yourself every time you hit a wrong note - you have PASSED THE FIRST LEVEL - you have gamified music - and it's a beautiful game that never ends!

"The more I played this game, the better I got and it's also a great warm up exercise whenever I'm about to sight read something." - Roger

The best way to learn how to sight read music better has always been to drill with musical note flashcards - this game is no different except it keeps track of your accuracy as you improve and it's also more fun! The Barn Tutors Note Identification Game will help you identify notes faster no matter what level you're at. Playing this game will lead to faster sight reading. Keep playing and you will improve - guaranteed. Eventually, you will come to understand that music is THE ULTIMATE gaming platform!


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